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For artwork purchases or purchase enquiries:

Please email me at "ohmigallery[atmark]" (replace "[atmark]" with "@"), like this:

Contact Ohmi Gallery

For general enquiries, including artwork identification and appraisals:

I am currently receiving over 100 emails each day, including many requests for Japanese art identification and appraisals. While I would like to reply to all enquiries it has become impossible to do so due to time constraints (I work a typical Japanese 70+ hour week). Unfortunately, many foreign ISPs (especially the ISPs Comcast,, AT and T, and Bigpond) are filtering emails from Japan as spam, so my legitimate emails are being rejected quite often, and I have no way of knowing whether my emails are arriving at your destination safely or not. If you don't hear back from me, please email me again stating you did not receive a reply. I also recommend adding my domain "" and "ohmigallery[atmark]" (replace "[atmark]" with "@") to your email software's safe list (also called a "whitelist").

If you are selling art I will reply if I wish to pursue a purchase from you.

In the case of general enquiries about valuations, artist attribution, etc., if you do not receive a reply from me, please accept my apologies in advance. I am only able to reply to a small percentage of such emails due to the quantity of emails I receive and the many hours it can sometimes take to investigate your enquiry (check you spam folder just in case I do reply).

Note: I do not provide valuations for framed prints. Frames often hide various types of damage (matte burn, stains, margin trimming, tears, etc.), making a valuation relatively meaningless. More importantly, the (hidden) margins usually contain publisher seals and other information that are necessary for determining a print's edition, and therefore its valuation.

For Japanese print identification and attribution I can recommend this website. Simply upload a good quality image of your print and search the database.

You can contact me here:

Contact Ohmi Gallery

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