Placing Your Order (日本語での問い合わせ方法ははこちら。)

To order any of the prints you see in my Sales Gallery simply click on the "Purchase this item" or "Buy Now" button located on each item's description page, or email me here at Ohmi Gallery. Be sure to include the artist name, print title, and item code of the print(s) you wish to purchase. I will check availability of your print and answer any questions relating to your print purchase that you may have. Please note that all sales are final and returns will generally not be accepted. I can provide you with detailed condition reports and/or VERY large scans of your requested print prior to purchase, which will allow you to be sure of your print's condition prior to purchase.


Purchases will be carefully packaged to ensure that they arrive at their destination without damage. All shipping, packaging and insurance charges are to be paid by the buyer. Shipping charges are usually shown toward the bottom of each item's description page. I will email you when your purchase is on its way. If you order multiple items I can usually refund most of the extra shipping charges if the items can be sent in one package. Dissimilar items (like a print and a scroll) will usually have to shipped in separate packages, requiring two shipping charges.
Environmental Statement: I attempt to reuse/recycle packaging, where doing so does not compromise the integrity of the package. This reduces the environmental impact of my operations and reduces your shipping costs.


All prices are in US dollars. I do not have a credit card merchant account, so I cannot accept credit card payments directly, however, you can pay for your items using several other methods, including credit cards via PayPal:

  1. International Postal Money Order (IPMO)

  2. This type of money order should be available at you Post Office, and is usually pink in colour. Please ensure that the denomination is either US Dollars or Japanese Yen. Note: I cannot accept IPMOs from Australia and Canada, and I do not accept "International Money Orders" or "Postal Money Orders" from any country (it must be an International Postal Money Order). Here are some examples from (1) the U.S.A.; (2) Italy; (3) Holland;

    Please email me for the address that is to be written on the money order.

    Please write this address carefully, because the post office here is very strict, and even a 1-character mistake on the money order will result in it being unredeemable here in Japan.

  3. PayPal (Using your credit card, an eCheck, or PayPal balance)

  4. You can pay for your items using your Credit Card via PayPal - the worlds largest on-line payments provider. You do not need to be a PayPal member to make payments via credit card. If you don't want to use your credit card, you can also use the funds already in your PayPal account (but you need to be a PayPal member). After you have confirmed the total price of your items (including shipping charges - email me if you don't know the full total), you can make payment by clicking on the "Buy Now" button toward the bottom of each item's description page.
    If you don't have a credit card and don't have a PayPal balance, US and Canadian residents can send an eCheck via PayPal. The funds will be debited directly from the bank account that you have linked to your PayPal account. Here's how to send an eCheck:

    1. After clicking on the "Buy Now" button and logging in to PayPal, click on the Send Money tab
    2. Enter the required information
    3. Click Continue
    4. Click the Funding Options link under the 'Source of Funds' heading
    5. Choose the eCheck radio button
    6. Click Continue
    7. Review the information on the Payment Details page and click Send Money to complete your transaction.

  5. Direct Bank Transfer

  6. Payment can be made directly to my Australian bank account. In this case I will give you a total cost in Australian Dollars. My bank details are:

    Bank:  Commonwealth
    Branch:  Queen Street, Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia (postcode 4000).
    BSB:  064000
    Account:  10831951
    Name:  Ross F. Walker

    For residents of Japan only, you can transfer payment directly to my Japanese bank account or Postal Savings account. In this case I will give you a total cost in Japanese Yen. My bank details are:
    Bank:  Citibank (シティバンク、エヌ)
    Branch:  Shinsaibashi (心斎橋支店)
    Bank Code (銀行コード):  0401
    Branch Code:  (支店コード):  024
    Account:  Savings 5906319 (普通)
    Name:  Ross Walker (ウォーカー ロス)
    Bank:  Post Office savings account (郵便口座)
    "Kigo" (branch number):   14620 (記号: 14620)
    "Bango" (account number):  10128431 (番号: 10128431)
    Name:  Walker Ross Francis

Insurance Claims

If your item is lost or damaged in transit, please contact your deliverer immediately and initiate an insurance claim. Do not throw away any of the packaging or the damaged item because the PO will want to examine it. I will help with any necessary paperwork to progress your claim.

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