Two Rabbits
Two Rabbits
by Shoson Ohara

Artist: Shoson Ohara (Koson) 1877-1945
Print Title: Two Rabbits
Series Title: N/A
Date: Original: Circa 1930s
This edition: 1946-1957
Publisher: Watanabe
Sheet Size: Oban, sheet size 38 x 26cm
Condition: Pristine impression and condition. Full margins. No tears, creases, folds, foxing or stains. Beautiful heavy embossing to the rabbits' fur, giving the image a 3D appearance. Very faint tape mark at top margin edge. See large image below.
Item Code: Koson-02
Price: Sold
Comments: This is a gorgeous early post-war strike in oban tate-e format by Shoson Ohara. Shoson's black signature and red seal are in the lower left of the image, as is the Watanabe 6mm 'I' publisher's seal (used from 1946 to 1957 -- see here regarding Watanabe publisher seals). The two pinholes in the left margin are original to the print (used for drying the print).

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