Links to Recommended Sites on Ukiyo-e and Shin-hanga

Research and Articles on Woodblock Prints - the web's best Hiroaki Shotei reference source, compiled by Marc Kahn
   - the Shin-Hanga Seal Finder.
Shin-Hanga Carvers and Printers - extensive list of shin-hanga carvers and printers, compiled by Tosh Doi. - extensive "Library" of research articles and publisher's information; 900-plus prints for sale in all price ranges.
hanga gallery - extensive library of artist biographies and print galleries.
ShinHanga.Net - extensive library of research and articles on Shin-Hanga.
Artelino - articles, artist biographies, and signatures reference
JAODB - the Japanese Art Open Research Database - my next project: a comprehensive database of Japanese art maintained by myself and built with the help of all collectors and research scholars in the Japanese art fields. Currently under construction.
Tsuchiya Koitsu Research Database - a comprehensive research database and catalogue raisonne of Japanese art by the shin-hanga artist Tsuchiya Koitsu.
Artelino - Art Auctions and Gallery - classical Ukiyo-e to Shin-Hanga.
eBay - mainly Shin-Hanga, Sosaku-Hanga, and reprints of Ukiyo-e.
Floating World Gallery - Holds periodic auctions
Asian Art Dealers and Galleries
Era Woodblock Prints - Shin-Hanga to modern prints, by Mark Burkeitt.
Ebisudo Gallery - Edo to Shin-Hanga prints, by Ms Junko Iedokoro (emails in English ok).

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