Chen Yongle
Chen Yongle was born in the Yunan Province of China in 1944. He is currently the President of the Yunnan Research Institute of Fine Art, and is a member of various art organisations and committees including the Chinese Artists Association, the Chinese Graphic Artists Association, and the Association of the Artists of Chinese Craft and Art. Chen Yongle's prints have been exhibited at many international events and his works can be seen at Fine Art Museums in Asia (China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong), the USA, and Europe (France, Belgium, Holland, Germany).

As with other Chinese print artists, Chen Yongle's woodblock prints are characterised first and foremost by their large size. Many of his prints reach 100 x 70cm in dimension although around a third are smaller format (well, "smaller" for Chinese prints, at 40 x 40cm). I classify his style as been "Sino-Egyptian", like that of Hao Ping, and his art would feel at home in the tombs of any of the great Egyptian pharos. I would rate Chen Yongle as being without a doubt one of the top eminent Chinese artists. Even his mid-sized prints list at auctions here in Japan for over $1000, and many of his editions are now sold out.

Chen Yongle Limited Edition prints
Spring Warmth June Women With Waist Flowers Rhyme
Spring Warmth
Limited Edition 48/50

Limited Edition 43/50

Women With Waist Flowers
Limited Edition 13/80

Limited Edition 23/50

Spring Qin Rhyme Tomb Sweeping Sisters
Limited Edition 17/50

Qin Rhyme
Limited Edition 7/100

Tomb Sweeping
Limited Edition 12/60

Limited Edition 1/60

Autumn Wind Trace Verticle Song Holy Water
Autumn Wind
Limited Edition 12/80

Limited Edition 4/50

Verticle Song
Limited Edition 17/90

Holy Water
Limited Edition 21/50

On The Way Melody For An Abundant Harvest Country Sounds (2) Coloured Clouds
On The Way
Limited Edition 20/80

Melody For An Abundant Harvest
Limited Edition 19/80

Country Sounds (2)
Limited Edition 6/90

Coloured Clouds
Limited Edition 3/50

Sound of Hometown (1) Embroideress Worship Village Immortal
Sound of Hometown (1)
Limited Edition A/P

Limited Edition 34/50

Limited Edition 25/50

Village Immortal
Limited Edition 10/50

Love Of Butterfly Combing Shepherdess
Love Of Butterfly
Limited Edition A/P

Limited Edition 19/50

Limited Edition 6/50

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