Artwork Details for Machida Shinjiro (Meiji lithographs) "Nawa Nagatoshi"

Machida Shinjiro (Meiji lithographs) - Nawa Nagatoshi - 名和長年

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Nawa Nagatoshi - 名和長年
by Machida Shinjiro (Meiji lithographs) - 町田信次郎

Artist:Machida Shinjiro (Meiji lithographs) - 町田信次郎
Title:Nawa Nagatoshi - 名和長年
Series:Educational History Pictorial - First Series - 教育歴史画第一輯
Date:1899 June 25
Publisher:Shoseido - 東京松聲堂
Medium:Lithograph - 石版画
Format:Double Oban - 特大版, 54.6 x 39.4cm (image size)
Artwork Code:9423-Machida_Shinjiro
Notes:Nawa Nagatoshi is mentioned here:

"In 1331, when Go-Daigo's second attempt to overthrow the shogunate became public, the Shogunate seized him, exiled him to Oki island and enthroned Kōgon on October 22. Emperor Go-Daigo escaped Oki in 1333, with the help of Nawa Nagatoshi and his family, and raised an army at Funagami Mountain in Hōki Province (the modern town of Kotoura in Tōhaku District, Tottori Prefecture)."

This artwork is from my personal collection and is not for sale.

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