Artwork Details for Yamada Shokei (a.c. 1890s/1900s) "Album of True Views of Kyoto"

Yamada Shokei (a.c. 1890s/1900s) - Album of True Views of Kyoto - 都真景画譜

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Album of True Views of Kyoto - 都真景画譜
by Yamada Shokei (a.c. 1890s/1900s) - 山田松渓

Artist:Yamada Shokei (a.c. 1890s/1900s) - 山田松渓
Title:Album of True Views of Kyoto - 都真景画譜
Date:1894, April (this artwork: First edition)
Publisher:Aoki Kozaburo - 青木恒三郎
Medium:Print album
Format:Chuban - 中判, 26 x 20cm (each two page scene)
Condition:Front cover missing. Minor marks and flaws only. Usual single centrefold to each scene (accordion-style picture album). Generally in very good condition.
Price: Sold
Artwork Code:8716-Yamada_Shokei
Notes:This album contains a total of 13 scenes including the inside-cover title page. Among the scenes are Kyoto's Kinkakuji Temple, Arashiyama, Sanjo Bridge, Kiyomizu Temple, Daimonji Fire Festival, etc. Unfortunately it's hard to find this type of album in its complete form -- usually unscrupulous dealers break up the album and sell each print separately.
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