Artwork Details for Utamaro 1, Kitagawa (1753-1806) "Hour of the Monkey"

Utamaro 1, Kitagawa (1753-1806) - Hour of the Monkey - 申の刻

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Hour of the Monkey - 申の刻
by Utamaro 1, Kitagawa (1753-1806) - 喜多川歌麿

Artist:Utamaro 1, Kitagawa (1753-1806) - 喜多川歌麿
Title:Hour of the Monkey - 申の刻
Series:Sundial of Young Women - 娘日時計
Date:1790s (this artwork: April 25, 1966)
Publisher:Yuyudo - 悠々洞出版
Medium:Woodblock - 木版画
Format:Aiban - 合判, 22 x 31.5cm
Condition:Fine impression and condition (pristine). Original untrimmed state. Beautiful strong embossing. No tears, folds, stains, creases or foxing.
Price: Sold
Artwork Code:8487-Utamaro
Notes:Supervised by Takamizawa of the Takamizawa publishing house. Included with each woodblock print is a windowed folder for viewing your print.
This type of print shows a woman of the pleasure quarters. The Edo period red-light districts were officially sanctioned, however, they weren't the playground for just anyone. The popular top-class geishas of the day (known as 'oiran') were depicted in this type of print. In ukiyo-e woodblock prints, this close-up portrait view of the upper body is known as an okubi-e (bust portrait).
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