Artwork Details for Chikanobu, Yoshu (1838-1912) Toyohara "Scene of a Flower Gargen at Night"

Chikanobu, Yoshu (1838-1912) Toyohara - Scene of a Flower Gargen at Night - 園花夜景

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Scene of a Flower Gargen at Night - 園花夜景
by Chikanobu, Yoshu (1838-1912) Toyohara - 楊洲周延

Artist:Chikanobu, Yoshu (1838-1912) Toyohara - 楊洲周延
Title:Scene of a Flower Gargen at Night - 園花夜景
Series:Customs and Manners of Yamato - やまと風俗
Date:1890 (this artwork: First/Early edition)
Publisher:Morimoto Junsaburo
Medium:Woodblock - 木版画
Format:Triptych - 三枚続き, each sheet 250mm x 375mm
Artwork Code:8295-Chikanobu_Yoshu
Notes:A triptych set of three bijin (beautiful woman) prints by famous 19th-century woodblock print artist Chikanobu. Three women and two girls are enjoying an outdoor stroll on a summer night. A stream runs through the background and the scene is illuminated by the full moon above, and by the toro lanterns in the garden. The woman in the leftmost panel is holding a biwa, one of the major Japanese classical musical instruments.

This artwork is from my personal collection and is not for sale.

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