Artwork Details for Shunho (a.c. 1930s-50s) "Zojoji Temple in Snow"

Shunho (a.c. 1930s-50s) - Zojoji Temple in Snow - 雪の増上寺

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Zojoji Temple in Snow - 雪の増上寺
by Shunho (a.c. 1930s-50s) - 春芳

Artist:Shunho (a.c. 1930s-50s) - 春芳
Title:Zojoji Temple in Snow - 雪の増上寺
Date:1954 (this artwork: First/Early edition)
Publisher:Baba Nobuhiko - 馬場信彦
Medium:Woodblock - 木版画
Format:Oban - 大判, 39.5 x 25.5cm (image size)
Artwork Code:14157-Shunho
Notes:Date: 1954
Format: Oban
Publisher: Baba Nobuhiko
Notes: Artist name can be pronounced 'Shunho' or 'Haruyoshi'.

This artwork is from my personal collection and is not for sale.

Artist Biography:
Shunho was probably a publisher's pseudonym used for knock-offs of scenes by well-known artists. It has been suggested that Shunho was a pseudonym for Tsuchiya Koitsu (remember that Koitsu published quite a few prints via the publisher Baba in the 1930s). Take for example Shunho's Zojoji scene. Yes, it does look similar to Koitsu's Zojoji scene, especially the colour scheme, and it is of course possible that, after the war, when Baba re-established his business, Koitsu sold Baba some previously unpublished sketches that Baba published after Koitsu's death. However, there is ample evidence to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Shunho was not Tsuchiya Koitsu or any other known artist. For example, please note that the Zojoji print is dated 昭和二十九年作 (Showa 29, or 1954), and that Tsuchiya Koitsu died in 1949. The margin text is very similar to Tsuchiya Koitsu's hand writing, but obviously he could not have written the margin text, including the date of 1954. I'm thinking here that Baba simply took advantage of Koitsu's passing and reproduced this similar scene using his own carvers and printers, including the same colour palette and hand writing style.

The strongest evidence that Shunho was an in-house artist of "knock-off" reproductions for the publisher Baba can be found by searching for the artist Shunho in my JAODB database. There we can clearly see that Shunho prints are simply reproductions (fakes) of several scenes by Tsuchiya Koitsu (Zojoji, Miyajima in Snow, etc.) and Kawase Hasui (Night Scene at Soemoncho).

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