Artwork Details for Goyo, Hashiguchi (1880-1921) "Floating in Space (novel book kuchi-e)"

Goyo, Hashiguchi (1880-1921) - Floating in Space (novel book kuchi-e) - 漾虚集

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Floating in Space (novel book kuchi-e) - 漾虚集
by Goyo, Hashiguchi (1880-1921) - 橋口五葉

Artist:Goyo, Hashiguchi (1880-1921) - 橋口五葉
Title:Floating in Space (novel book kuchi-e) - 漾虚集
Date:1906 May 22 (this artwork: 1908 August 26)
Publisher:Ookura Shoten - 大倉書店
Medium:Book/Magazine - 本・雑誌
Format:Chuban - 中判, 15.6 x 22.3cm
Condition:Good. Some wear, light soiling, and slight damage to the book cover and slip case. Internally the book is in good condition with some pages showing age spotting/soiling.
Price:$500 (EMS Express worldwide shipping: $35)
Artwork Code:13303-Hashiguchi_Goyo
Notes:Goyo artwork for the novel "Floating in Space", a collection of seven short stories by Natsume Soseki, dated May 22 1906. This is the first printing dating to 1906. Very rare, and absolutely full of Goyo works. I count no less than eleven works that contain the Goyo signature, including at least four woodblock prints. I believe all the unsigned sketches are by Goyo too. There are also seven lithographs by the artist Nakamura Fusetsu (中村不折 1866.8.19-1943.6.6).

Looking at the 4 x 4 image mozaic shown on the webpage, going from left to right and top to bottom, the following are woodblock prints: Image 7 (Ex Libris), marks from the baren on the verso; Image 2 (flowers), marks from the baren on the verso; light embossing; Image 4 (man with beard), marks from the baren on the verso; Image 9 (flower and spiders), marks from the baren on the verso.
The following four artworks are difficult to cassify. They are possibly woodblocks (they have no dot pattern at all as one would see in offset or litho prints; all have solid ink), however, there are no marks from the baren on the verso and are perhaps machine pressed to the block(?): Image 3 (man with axe); Image 5 (bijin) Image 8 (dogs); Image 10 (bijin/horse).
Image 11 appears to be a lithograph.

Please see here for a more comprehensive list of artowrk included in this novel.

人気の漱石の縮刷本「吾輩ハ猫デアル」 大正3年 17版 大倉書店 刊です。

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