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Soseki, Komori (Shoseki) - Gallinules-Moorhens

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by Soseki, Komori (Shoseki)

Artist:Soseki, Komori (Shoseki)
Date:1929 (this artwork: 1930 circa)
Publisher:Kawaguchi - 川口
Medium:Woodblock - 木版画
Format:Mitsugiri - 三つ切り, 19 x 35.5cms (image size)
Condition:Near fine. Printed on a thin washi with full margins. Top and bottom margins slightly rippled, left margin slightly wavy. Light toning overall, one tiny foxing spot to the right of right Moorhen's tail feather.
Price: Sold
Artwork Code:13266-Komori_Soseki
Notes:A rarely seen print with masterful examples of bokashi shading on the water, lotus leaves, moorhens' beaks and bellies. Subtle over-printing of rain falling throughout the print. Embossed spines of the lotus leaves and deep embossing of the puddle rings.

First printed in 1929 by Kawaguchi and Sakai, this edition is c. 1930 by Kawaguchi. Kawaguchi "D" seal in the lower-left corner of the print and "E" seal in the lower right image area.

Small "Made in Japan" stamp verso.
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