Artwork Details for Kotondo, Torii (1900-1976) "Fragrance of the Hot Spring"

Kotondo, Torii (1900-1976) - Fragrance of the Hot Spring - 湯の香

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Fragrance of the Hot Spring - 湯の香
by Kotondo, Torii (1900-1976) - 鳥居言人

Artist:Kotondo, Torii (1900-1976) - 鳥居言人
Title:Fragrance of the Hot Spring - 湯の香
Date:1930 Summer (this artwork: First edition)
Publisher:Kawaguchi - 川口
Medium:Woodblock - 木版画
Format:Large Oban - 大大判, 26.31x 41.1cm (image size)
Artwork Code:13179-Torii_Kotondo
Notes:Torii Kotondo (1900-1976), Fragrance of the Hot Spring. Dated Summer 1930. Published only via Kawaguchi in an edition of 350. This is edition 137. Very rare.

This print has Kotondo's signature and seal within the image area at the lower left, as well as the date. This is a limited-edition print (127? 137? of 350), as indicated on the stamped edition seal on the verso.

Despite the edition size supposedly being quite large at 350 prints, its rarity suggests only a much smaller number of prints made it into the market. As the dating coincides with Kawaguchi's parting from Sakai, I wonder whether Sakai & Kawaguchi printed the earlier part of the edition (as they did with other scenes) but then did not pass on this stock to Kawaguchi at the time of separation. The only two edition numbers that I have confirmed are 131 and 137, so I suspect that the earlier prints (editions 1 to say 120 or so) never made it to market. It is also likely that the later 200-odd prints were never printed or sold. This appears to be so for most of the 300 or 350-editioned scenes; to date, 198/350 is the largest edition number that I have seen for any Kawaguchi scene.

This artwork is from my personal collection and is not for sale.

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