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Goyo, Hashiguchi (1880-1921) - Faint Light - 微光

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Faint Light - 微光
by Goyo, Hashiguchi (1880-1921) - 橋口五葉

Artist:Goyo, Hashiguchi (1880-1921) - 橋口五葉
Title:Faint Light - 微光
Date:1911 June 20 (this artwork: First edition)
Publisher:Momiyama Shoten - 籾山書店 (籾山仁三郎)
Medium:Book/Magazine - 本・雑誌
Format:Chuban - 中判, 28 x 19cm
Condition:Book cover and spine in good condition considering their age, with minimal wear and soiling. Gold metallic inks are used. A little wear on the spine edges. Internally the book is very good to fine condition.
Price:$250 (EMS Express worldwide shipping: $30)
Artwork Code:13010-Hashiguchi_Goyo
Notes:Artwork for the first edition of the novel "Faint Light" by Masamune Hakuchou (1879-1962), dated June 20, 1911. Very rare. The book spine, and probably the cover too, is a rare and lovely woodblock print by Goyo. Butterflies and dragonflies are common elements in Goyo's early works. The sketch inside may also be by Goyo.

橋口五葉の木版画装丁が素晴しい、尚栄堂・芙蓉閣刊、泉鏡花『遊行車』 橋口五葉は装丁・口絵 大正2年6月5日発行 初版 318ページ角背本 小村雪岱装「日本橋」より1年余前に刊行された、鏡花の著書中の傑作装丁本 状態は、経年のスレ・ヤケ・シミ等ありますが、本はしっかりしており、扉の蔵書印が少々気になりますが、比較的良いコンデションの一冊だと思います

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