Artwork Details for Tanigami Konan "Chiyo Brocade Peony"

Tanigami Konan - Chiyo Brocade Peony - 千代錦(ボタン)

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Chiyo Brocade Peony - 千代錦(ボタン)
by Tanigami Konan - 谷上廣南

Artist:Tanigami Konan - 谷上廣南
Title:Chiyo Brocade Peony - 千代錦(ボタン)
Series:Peony Series (Teiten - Imperial Academy art exhibition) - ボタン(帝国美術院美術展覧会)
Date:1917 (this artwork: First/Early edition)
Publisher:Unsodo - 芸艸堂
Medium:Woodblock - 木版画
Format:Double Oban - 特大版, 56 x 42cm (sheet size)
Condition:Fine. Printed on thick handmade washi paper with untrimmed borders as per the original first edition Teiten Peony series. Some faint spotting but most if not all are not stains but remnant paper pulp that is often seen in Meiji/Taisho-era paper.
Price: Sold
Artwork Code:12834-Tanigami_Konan
Notes:Very rare, especially in such a fine condition. See a description of this series here.
Artist Biography:
Produced the series Seiyo Soka Zufu (A Picture Album of Western Plants and Flowers), a five-volume set of prints published by Unsodo, Kyoto. He was also selected to publish the Peony Series for the Imperial Exhibition: In 1917, as one of Japan's famous naturalist artists, Tanigami Konan, was chosen to produce a series of beautiful peony prints for the Teiten (Imperial Exhibition). Because of the importance of this auspicious occasion, all of the traditional Japanese works of art were to be produced to the highest standards. Konan designed and printed a lovely set of 20 peonies. These beautiful original woodblock prints were printed in an extra large format close to double-oban in size. Bold, bright, and beautiful, these Tanigami Konan prints are some of the finest floral designs ever printed in the woodblock print world. They are excellent quality, finely printed, and on thick handmade paper with natural uncut edges.
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