Artwork Details for Tokuriki, Tomikichiro "No. 8- Fuji from Shiroito Waterfall"

Tokuriki, Tomikichiro - No. 8- Fuji from Shiroito Waterfall - 白糸瀧の富士

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No. 8- Fuji from Shiroito Waterfall - 白糸瀧の富士
by Tokuriki, Tomikichiro - 徳力富吉郎

Artist:Tokuriki, Tomikichiro - 徳力富吉郎
Title:No. 8- Fuji from Shiroito Waterfall - 白糸瀧の富士
Series:Thirty-Six Views of Mt Fuji - 富士三十六景
Publisher:Uchida Bijutsu Shoten - 内田
Medium:Woodblock - 木版画
Format:Oban - 大判, 38.5 x 26.5cm (image size)
Condition:Good. Even age toning with some light spotting in the sky. A light tone line from the original folder at upper right.
Price:$140 (EMS Express worldwide shipping: $35)

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Artwork Code:12581-Tokuriki_Tomikichiro
Notes:For some reason this scene is always more toned than the others from this series (my personal copy is also toned).
See here for full details of this remarkable series by Tokuriki.
Artist Biography:
TOKURIKI TOMIKICHIRO(1902 - 1999) - Tokuriki was born and raised in Kyotoand was influenced by the local art scene from childhood. He stayed in Kyotofor his entire career and was a leader of the Kyoto Sosaku Hanga. He graduated from the KyotoCity School of Fine Arts and Crafts and after that from the KyotoCity Specialist School of Painting. While he began his career in the painting field, he found his true calling in the woodblock print field and was enthusiastic about the reemergence of woodblock prints in 20th century Japanese art. He was influential in the development of new artists later in his career and set up his own publishing company called Matsukyu.
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