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Sugiura Kazutoshi - Camellia No. 17 - 牡丹No17

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Camellia No. 17 - 牡丹No17
by Sugiura Kazutoshi - 杉浦和利

Artist:Sugiura Kazutoshi - 杉浦和利
Title:Camellia No. 17 - 牡丹No17
Date:1989 (this artwork: First edition)
Medium:Serigraph (silkscreen) - セリグラフ
Format:Double Oban - 特大版, 36 x 60cm (image size)
Artwork Code:12524-Sugiura_Kazutoshi
Notes:Edition 11/80. What appears to be a plain brown background is actually a gorgeous metallic copper-gold background that springs to life when illuminated by an angled light source. As usual, scanners cannot image metallic pigments correctly. Sheet size is 73 x 47cm.

This artwork is from my personal collection and is not for sale.

Artist Biography:

Silkscreen. Born 1938 Kyoto. Kyoto Municipal College of Fne Arts; Kyoto National Museum Japanese classical painting. Permanent Collections: Brooklyn Museum and numerous private collections. Solo exhibitions in New York, Portland, Maryland, Washington, Australia, Canada, Japan.

Sugiura has been inspired by flowers for years, and he has an enthusiastic audience who appreciates every interpretation he makes of irises, peonies, roses, cosmos, camellias, chrysanthemums, or spider lilies. He is in particular noted for his compositions of irises and has made more than one hundred different iris prints. Sugiura relies on traditional Japanese techniques to execute his beautiful silkscreens. He applies squares of gold leaf, in the same way old screens were made, onto handmade Japanese paper. His next silkscreens his floral subjects onto the gold leaf. As each tone requires a separate screen, a colourful and complicated print may go through twenty printing stages. Next, blocking out the flowers, he uses a wash of pale shades of blue, purple, or green to cover the rest of the work, thereby toning down the glittering gold leaf and softening the effect. The result is visually relaxing, and soothing.

1938 Born in Kyoto.

1957 Entered Kyoto Municipal College of Fine Arts, took Japanese painting course.

1960 Commissioned an edition of his serigraph print for International Graphic Art Society in New York. Began to show his oil painting and serigraph print at the Yamada Art Gallery exclusively.

1961 Participated in Japan Print Makers Association annually until 1963. Organized Kyoto Hanga-ka Shudan(Kyoto Print Makers group) and continued until 1966

1962 His graphics were purchased by Brooklyn Museum in New York.

1963 Graduated from Kyoto Municipal College of Fine Art Japanese painting course of post graduate.

1967 Began to study Japanese classical paintings at Kyoto National Museum of Antiques.

1968 Studied tracings of classical paintings of National Treasures and the     restorations of classic arts at the Kyoto National Museum of Antiques,     Continued this studies until 1971.

1975 Started again his own paintings and print makings based on the experiences of     classic art’s restorations and tracings.

1978 Awarded The prize of The Federation of Galleries in Kyoto at the Kyoto Galleries Art Festival.

1979 Participated in T.I.W.C. Exhibition.

1980 Group Show at the Hendricks Gallery in Washington D.C.     One Man Show at the Gallery Import, Lakevill, Conneticut.

1981 Participated in Tokyo CWAJ Exhibition.

1982 One Man Show at Studio Kimura in Tokyo.

1983 His Iris-print was selected for REFUGEES INTERNATIONAL JAPAN to be made for cards.

1993 One Man Show at RONIN GALLERY in New York.

1984-2002 Annually exhibited at the Tokyo CWAJ Exhibitions.

2004- Annually exhibiting at the Tokyo CWAJ Exhibitions.

Exhibited, New York, Melbourne, London, Canada basides above listed exhibitions. (bio from

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