Artwork Details for Katsuda, Yukio "No. 208 - Winter-Season Apple"

Katsuda, Yukio - No. 208 - Winter-Season Apple - 冬の旬りんご

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No. 208 - Winter-Season Apple - 冬の旬りんご
by Katsuda, Yukio - 勝田幸男

Artist:Katsuda, Yukio - 勝田幸男
Title:No. 208 - Winter-Season Apple - 冬の旬りんご
Date:1988 (this artwork: First edition)
Medium:Serigraph (silkscreen) - セリグラフ
Format:Large Oban - 大大判, 31 x 47cm (sheet size)
Condition:Fine. Thick inks. Black seal on the verso. Red artist seal on the verso.
Price:$245 (EMS Express worldwide shipping: $35)
Artwork Code:12307-Katsuda_Yukio
Notes:Limited edition 130/200. Serigraph (silk screen). Title 'No 208', edition number, and artist signature in the bottom margin. Katsuda uses very thick dyes, so this print is almost three-dimensional.

■作家:勝田幸男 (直筆サイン)
Artist Biography:
Yukio Katsuda was born in Kyoto in 1941 and since the 1960s has been active in the medium of serigraph (silk screens). His prints usually carry no title other than a number that represents the chronological order of his works, however, the verso of framed prints sometimes carry official paper notes with conventional titles in Japanese. His prints are often heavily inked (a spectacular example is Number 77, Sunflower), and thus have a unique, near-3D appearance; it is this feature that first drew me to Katsuda's works. His major works cover natural themes such as birds (mostly owls), flowers and plants, and landscapes.

See my personal collection of Katsuda works here.

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