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Ebina Masao (a.c.1950) - Reproduction of the full series of 54 prints

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Reproduction of the full series of 54 prints
by Ebina Masao (a.c.1950) - 海老名正夫

Artist:Ebina Masao (a.c.1950) - 海老名正夫
Title:Reproduction of the full series of 54 prints
Series:The Tale of Genji - 源氏物語 五十四帖
Date:1953 (this artwork: January 10, 1974)
Publisher:Yamada Shoin
Medium:Machine Printing - 印刷
Format:Aiban - 合判, sheet size 32 x 23cm
Condition:The canvas album and all prints are in fine condition.
Price:$390 (EMS Express worldwide shipping: $45)
Artwork Code:12300-Ebina_Masao
Notes:Originally published by Yamada Shoin in 1953 as a woodblock print series, with later editions published in the 1960s and 70s, this particular edition is machine printed and was published by New Kobe Newspaper Company in January 1974. This is the first example of this edition I have ever seen (as of 2013), so it is quite a rare item. A full album set of the woodblock print edition costs several thousand dollars when in fine condition, so this set is a good alternative for those on a budget.
Each print has a detailed English and Japanese explanation of the depicted scene. Red artist's seal within the image area. The 'Genjimon' symbol at the top right of each print from this series changes depending on the chapter (it identifies which chapter each print is from).

See Man-Pai's Genjimon webpage for the full chart of Genjimon symbols. See a full discussion of this series in my personal collection here.

画帖 解説本★『源氏物語 五十四帖 54枚』★ケース付★   

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