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Kotondo, Torii (1900-1976) - Hair Combing - 髪梳き

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Hair Combing - 髪梳き
by Kotondo, Torii (1900-1976) - 鳥居言人

Artist:Kotondo, Torii (1900-1976) - 鳥居言人
Title:Hair Combing - 髪梳き
Date:1932 (this artwork: First edition)
Publisher:Ikeda - 池田
Medium:Woodblock - 木版画
Format:Large Oban - 大大判, 26 x 41cm (image size)
Artwork Code:11882-Torii_Kotondo
Notes:This is scene number seven from Kotondo's bijin-ga series published via Ikeda. Edition 31 of 100 prints, never republished by Ikeda. After the edition of 100 was completed the keyblock was deliberately gouged to destroy it, and a print of this gouged keyblock was included with each of the 100 prints sold. My print also includes the original folder and a keyblock print from the gouged keyblock (see image). Obviously a very rare and expensive print. Sheet size is about 30 x 47cm.

Signed Kotondo ga with artist's square seal Kotondo; with the title, Kami Suki embossed on the lower margin. Published by Ikeda. The publisher's limited edition cartouche printed on verso, Ikeda hanken shoyu, hyaku mai kagiri zeppan (Ikeda, copyright; edition limited to 100). Undated, published by Ikeda in 1932 (confirmed).

In 2019 an example of this scene sold at Christie's for $72,500. Note that the Christie's print is badly faded with the complete loss of all green background hues and pink hues on the cheeks of the bijin (the greens and light red inks are the most fugative). If you take a close look at the centre of the bottom margin, just inside the printed area, you can see the original unfaded colours (protected by the frame's front matte) contrasting well with the faded hues. The original auction results are available here (as of January 2020)

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