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Yurimoto, Keiko (Shin Hanga artist) - White Lily

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White Lily
by Yurimoto, Keiko (Shin Hanga artist) - 由里本景子

Artist:Yurimoto, Keiko (Shin Hanga artist) - 由里本景子
Title:White Lily
Medium:Scroll/Makuri roll - 掛軸ーまくり
Format:Short scroll - 掛軸, 64.5 x 115cm (sheet size)
Artwork Code:11792-Yurimoto_Keiko
Notes:This is a tea ceremony scroll, being much shorter than a normal scroll. Material of the Roller Ends: Plastic.
Primary Material of the Mounting: Cloth.
Painted area is 44 x 48cm. Hand painted on paper.

This artwork is from my personal collection and is not for sale.

Artist Biography:
Yurimoto Keiko was born in Kyoto in 1906. She studied Nihon-ga under Uemura Shoen and Nishiyama Sosho. Her favourite subject was "Ohara-me" (a female vendor). She is the daughter of the talented bijin-ga artist Nakamura Daizaburo 中村 大三郎 (なかむら だいざぶろう、1898年3月21日 - 1947年9月14日).


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