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Kotozuka, Eiichi (1906-) - Kasuga Shrine - 春日神社

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Kasuga Shrine - 春日神社
by Kotozuka, Eiichi (1906-) - 琴塚英一

Artist:Kotozuka, Eiichi (1906-) - 琴塚英一
Title:Kasuga Shrine - 春日神社
Publisher:Uchida - 内田
Medium:Woodblock - 木版画
Format:Large Oban - 大大判, 26.6 x 39.9cm (image size)
Condition:Basically fine. A small crease from the left margin centre that just enters the image area. A little light toning at the top right corner. Uchida watermark in the bottom margin. Full margins are not shown in the scan. Verso is clean.
Price:$200 $190
Express international shipping: $31 (excluding Canada, Russia, and Australia, among other countries. Please see here [updated May 7] before placing your order.)
Shipping to the USA has now resumed!
Artwork Code:11590-Kotozuka_Eiichi
Notes:Artist seal and publisher seal at the bottom left of image area. Full margins are not shown (too large for my scanner).
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