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Shotei - Waterfall

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by Shotei - 松亭

Artist:Shotei - 松亭
Medium:Scroll/Makuri roll - 掛軸ーまくり
Format:Long scroll - 掛軸, 30 x 127cm (image size)
Artwork Code:11075-Shotei
Notes:Overall length is length 73.1", width 17.9". I doubt this is by Takahashi Shotei; I believe it is by the artist Shotei Hiroshi ( ), a very active and as yet unidentified Meiji/Taisho era scroll artist. The signature kanji appear to be 松亭僲史.
This is pronounced "Shotei Senshi" and an explanation for the meaning of the third kanji "僲" is:

The above Japanese explanation states that the last two kanji are not a part of the name, but are a generally used term that means something like "someone who writes/paints about history of the pure lands away from the world; someone who writes/paints in seclusion from daily life". The term Senshi was used by other scroll artists, and an example of Suzuki Shonen's signature containing this term can be seen in the last image below. As you can see, the kanji for 僲 written by Shonen is written exactly the same as that written by Shotei, so I have no doubt they are the same kanji and that the kanji is "僲" (not a different kanji). In fact, the handwriting of Shotei and Shonen is so remarkably similar that one could easily suggest that they are the same artist.

This artwork is from my personal collection and is not for sale.

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