Artwork Details for Iwata, Sentaro (1901-1974) "After a Bath"

Iwata, Sentaro (1901-1974) - After a Bath - 湯上がり

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After a Bath - 湯上がり
by Iwata, Sentaro (1901-1974) - 岩田専太郎

Artist:Iwata, Sentaro (1901-1974) - 岩田専太郎
Title:After a Bath - 湯上がり (1)
Medium:Scroll/Makuri roll - 掛軸ーまくり
Format:Short scroll - 掛軸, 37.8 x 51.6cm (image size)
Condition:Mount and painted silk area in overall fine condition. An odour of incense/mosquito coil smoke (this scroll was obviously displayed by the previous owner). What appears to be discolouration in the face and arm is actually the colour of the silk showing through the white pigments (an attempt at shading). Deluxe wood and gold/metal end roller.
Price:$705 (EMS Express worldwide shipping: $35)
Artwork Code:10509-Iwata_Sentaro
Notes:A very rare scroll by the bijin-ga artist Iwata Sentaro. This particular scene was used as the basis for one of his woodblock prints of the same title, in a series of bijin-ga prints published in the 1970s by various publishers (this scene was published by Kato Hanga). This scroll has a lovely deluxe end roller as one would expect. Overall scroll size is 57 x 134cm.
(1) This artwork is either untitled or the title is unknown.
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