Artwork Details for Tekiho, Imoto "Bamboo and Mountain"

Tekiho, Imoto - Bamboo and Mountain

Bamboo and Mountain
by Tekiho, Imoto - 井元 荻甫

Artist:Tekiho, Imoto - 井元 荻甫
Title:Bamboo and Mountain (1)
Date:1930s (this artwork: Early post-war strike)
Publisher:Doi - 土井
Medium:Woodblock - 木版画
Format:Koban - 小判, about 16 x 23cm
Condition:Fine condition and impression. Very large margins. No tears, folds, creases, stains, or foxing. Some light toning at margin edges.
Price: Sold
Artwork Code:10173-Imoto_Tekiho
Notes:This is a rare koban version of Tekiho's sumi-e scene of an old weathered pine tree beside a lake. There is also an oban-sized version of this print. Not much is known about Tekiho, other than that he worked for the publisher Doi in the 1930's and produced these wonderful sumi-e (charcoal) scenes. This print originates from the deceased estate of an ex-Doi printer. Artist signature and red seals at lower right. Title from Doi Hangaten catalog.
(1) This artwork is either untitled or the title is unknown.
Artist Biography:
Imoto Tekiho (井元 荻甫) was born in Oita in 1909 and learned Nanga style landscape drawing under Domoto Insho in Kyoto.

井元荻浦:師・堂本印象 明治42年大分県生まれ  旧南画院入 太子奉賛展 選奨ベルリン展 パリ二人展 京絵専 京都住。

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