Yoshimi Okamoto - Favourable Sunset Wind
Favourable Sunset Wind
by Yoshimi Okamoto

Limited Edition 13/350

Artist: Yoshimi Okamoto
Print Title: Favourable Sunset Wind (晩照順風)
Limited Edition 13/350
Series Title:
Date: Circa 1970s/80s
Publisher: self-published
Sheet Size: Larger than Double oban, sheet size 18.5 x 27.5 inches
Condition: Pristine impression and condition. No tears, folds, creases, foxing, or stains. Verso clean. Full margins. See large image below.
Item Code: Okamoto-01
Price: $600
Detail Images: Full image
Note: full left and right margins not shown due to scanner bed limitation.
Comments: A serene view of sailboats on a calm ocean. One of the earliest strikes -- number 13 from an edition of 350. Edition number at left of bottom margin, title in centre, and signature at right. Okamoto now goes by the name Ryusei Okamoto. Due to the large size I will ship this print rolled in a sturdy tube.

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