Shuzo Ikeda
Shuzo Ikeda was born in 1922 in Kisakata-machi, Akita Prefecture. He graduated from school in 1945, taught in Akita from 1946--1955, and then worked in Tokyo as a Hanga artist. Shuzo carefully employed the texture of wood in his prints (see 'Flower and Boy' below), and specialised in styalised wide-eyed children (see 'Butterfly' below) with flowers, birds, insects, sacred stone images, and native dolls. He often signed his drawings as "Shu. Ikeda".

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Red Poncho In The Shade Yellow Butterfly Frog (Kaeru)
Red Poncho
1971 [Limited edition]
In The Shade
1972 [Limited edition]
Yellow Butterfly
1972 [Limited edition]

1972 [Limited edition]
Tamamushi (Iridescent Beetle) Reed Pipe Young Girl Flower and Young Boy
Tamamushi (Iridescent Beetle)
1972 [Limited edition]

Reed Pipe
1964 [Limited edition]
Young Girl
1959 [Limited edition]
Flower and Young Boy
1965 [Limited edition]
Flag Parade Baby Dove Flag Parade Three Coloured Pansies
Flag Parade
1987 [Limited edition]
Baby Dove
1994 [Limited edition]
1970 [Limited edition]
Three Coloured Pansies
1982 [Limited edition]

Daffodils Hiding Coat Untitled Portrait Apple Song
1967 [Limited edition]
Hiding Coat
1970 [Limited edition]
No. 41
1956 [Limited edition?]

Apple Song
1980 [Limited edition]
No 404 Flower Child Bera Frangipani Shaggy Hair
No 404
1960 [Limited edition]
Flower Child Bera
1977 [Limited edition]

1965 [Limited edition]
Shaggy Hair
1967 [Limited edition]
Gathering Pocket Ring Dancing White Camellia
1966 [Limited edition]
1967 [Limited edition]
Ring Dancing
1966 [Limited edition]

White Camellia
1969 [Limited edition]
Red Seeds Forsythia Flowers (Rengyo) No. 300 (Nun) Small Flora
Red Seeds
1972 [Limited edition]

Forsythia Flowers (Rengyo)
1966 [Limited edition]

No. 300 (Nun)
1958 [Limited edition]

Small Flora
1966 [Limited edition]

Uranai (Fortune Telling) Ikeda Shuzo - Cuddle (A) Ikeda Shuzo - Skate Ikeda Shuzo - Flora
Uranai (Fortune Telling)
1962 [Limited edition]

Ikeda Shuzo
Cuddle (A)

Ikeda Shuzo

Ikeda Shuzo

Ikeda Shuzo - Floral Streetcar
Ikeda Shuzo
Floral Streetcar

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