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Various artists - Golden Night Devil - 金色夜叉

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Golden Night Devil - 金色夜叉
by Various artists

Artist:Various artists
Title:Golden Night Devil - 金色夜叉
Date:1915 (this artwork: 1922)
Publisher:Shunyodo - 春陽堂
Medium:Woodblock - 木版画
Format:Kuchi-e - 口絵, 8.3 x 15.8cm (sheet size)
Condition:The prints are in mostly fine condition. The novel covers and slip case are in surprisingly good condition with some soiling and toning commensurate with their age (almost no damage).
Price: Sold
Artwork Code:12460-Various_artists
Notes:This set of rare kuchi-e are from the novel "Konjiki Yasha" (Golden Night Devil, or Demon Gold) by the writer Ozaki Koyo. It was first published by Shunyodo in 1915, and it included a total of eight kuchi-e prints by many of the period's most respected bijin-ga artists such as Hashiguchi Goyo (the character Aiko), Hirezaki Eiho, Ikeda Shoen, Kaburagi Kiyokata (actually, machine print, not woodblock), Natori Shunsen (the character Kamata), Nakazawa Hiromitsu, Yamanaka Kodo (the character Miyayama), and Igawa Sengai (the character, Hayama Motosuke). There were several editions of this novel published.

The most sought-after prints from this novel are two of the woodblock prints by Goyo and Eiho. Goyo made only handful of kuchi-e in his short but illustrious art career.

Other note from the Web: 尾崎紅葉   縮刷 金色夜叉 木版入    大正11年   春陽堂   11×17cm位箱 天金.

尾崎紅葉『縮刷 金色夜叉』(大正4年初版、大正9年38版)
5f927e53.jpg 昨日は出版社に3時間余りこもってゲラの校正をし、これでなんとか1つ手を離れた。疲れが取れないので原稿を書く気にならず、帰宅後はしばらく、本や雑誌をボーッと読んで過ごす。

 前回は柳川春葉の金尾文淵堂刊の縮刷版『生さぬなか』だったが、今回は尾崎紅葉の春陽堂版『縮刷 金色夜叉』。新書より小さいサイズで天金、木版挿絵多数(ただし、巻頭に木版口絵はついていない)。だいぶ前に数百円で購入したのだが、やはり金尾文淵堂の造本の方がずっとオシャレで、この春陽堂の本はとても地味に見えてしまう。それでも、5年間ずっと版を重ね続けて38刷というのはさすがだ。


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