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Kiyoshi Nakajima - Painter of the Wind- Nakajima Kiyoshi's World - 風の画家 〔中島潔の世界〕展 ~日本のこころ、故郷のこころ~

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Painter of the Wind- Nakajima Kiyoshi's World - 風の画家 〔中島潔の世界〕展 ~日本のこころ、故郷のこころ~
by Kiyoshi Nakajima - 中島潔

Artist:Kiyoshi Nakajima - 中島潔
Title:Painter of the Wind- Nakajima Kiyoshi's World - 風の画家 〔中島潔の世界〕展 ~日本のこころ、故郷のこころ~
Publisher:Kyuryudo - 求龍堂
Medium:Book/Magazine - 本・雑誌
Format:N/A, (sheet size)
Condition:Basically fine. A few light rub mark to covers. Interior is pristine.
Price:$60 (SAL Economy Air worldwide shipping: $30)
Artwork Code:11799-Nakajima_Kiyoshi
Notes:This is a hard-to-find reference book for the works of Japanese artist Kiyoshi Nakajima. This hard-cover book beautifully illustrates about 148 pieces of Nakajima's work, all full colour.

- Used.
- 148 pages.
- Language: Japanese.
- Includes chronology of Nakajima's life.
- Hardcover. Printed on nice, heavy paper.
- Size: 23x30cm; Nearly 2 cm thick.
- Weight: 1.1 kilograms.

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Artist Biography:
The bijin-ga artist Nakajima Kiyoshi (中島 潔) was born in Manchuria, China, in April 1943. He returned to Japan after the war and lived in Saga, Kyushu. Kiyoshi was deeply affected by his mother's death from cancer, and it is probably this experience that led him to draw his most famous woodblock prints of young ladies in a dreamy, melancholy mood, in harmony with the wind. He is also well-known throughout Japan as a painter and illustrator of children's books.
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