Artwork Details for Chen Yuping (b. 1947) "Flower and Rain"

Chen Yuping (b. 1947) - Flower and Rain - 花 雨

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Any long thin horizontal or vertical colour streaks in the image are due to the scanner.

Flower and Rain - 花 雨
by Chen Yuping (b. 1947) - 陳玉平

Artist:Chen Yuping (b. 1947) - 陳玉平
Title:Flower and Rain - 花 雨
Medium:Woodblock - 木版画
Format:Huge - 特に大きい, 85.5 x 55.0cm (image size)
Condition:Fine. A slight matte tone line. The print is professionally dry mounted to a deluxe canvas-backed thick backing board. The vertical "banding" lines you see in the top and bottom margins at left are an artifact of the scanning process and are not on the print.
Price:$1320 (EMS Express worldwide shipping: $175)
Artwork Code:10871-Chen_Yuping
Notes:Note: due to scanner limitations the full right margin is not shown.

Edition 32/99. Title "花 雨" in Chinese characters at the lower left. Signature and date at lower right. Sheet size is 96 x 66cm. Yuping's works are near-impossible to obtain now, and average $3,000 per print in China according to Contemporary Chinese Art.

This print comes with a good quality matching frame in very good condition. The frame size is 108 x 77cm. A frame of this size would cost several hundred dollars to purchase, so this will more than cover the high shipping charge.

【実寸】 :作品サイズ 85cm× 54cm 額装サイズ 107.3cm× 76.4cm 厚み 2.7cm
【素材】 :紙に多色木版 限定99部の32番 1992年
【状態】 :作品 良好 額縁の角に僅かなスレ  ダンビール挿し箱黄袋付 
Artist Biography:
1947年: 黒龍省に生まれる 1968年: 黒龍省水利工程学校卒業 1974年: 作品「労雪催春」を第五回全国美術作品展に出品 1979年: 作品「在這片古老的土地上」を第六回全国美術作品展に出品 1983年: 中央美術学院版画学部研修 1994年: 作品「八千里雲和月」を第八回全国美術作品展に出品 1999年: 作品「大風歌」を第九回全国美術作品展に出品 2000年: 作品「風采」を第十五回全国美術展に出品 現在、中国美術家協会会員、中国版画家協会会員、黒龍江省版画会副会長兼秘書長   黒龍江省美術家協会専業版画家、国家一級美術師。
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