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Shinsui, Ito (1898-1972) - Firefly - 蛍

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Firefly - 蛍
by Shinsui, Ito (1898-1972) - 伊東深水

Artist:Shinsui, Ito (1898-1972) - 伊東深水
Title:Firefly - 蛍
Medium:Scroll/Makuri roll - 掛軸ーまくり
Format:Long scroll - 掛軸, 36 x 176cm (sheet size)
Condition:Painted on paper. Image area is mostly in very god condition with a few light creases and some spot staining (one on the kimono). Backing is good with some light wear and some damage/holes, mostly at top verso. Porceline end roller.
Price:$1395 (EMS Express worldwide shipping: $35)
Artwork Code:10134-Ito_Shinsui
Notes:A gorgeous early scroll by Shinsui, in a simple style shared by his master Kaburagi Kiyokata and disciples like Kobayakawa Kiyoshi. Painted area is 310 x 1128mm. Complete with its original signed and sealed scroll box. The scroll was featured in a Japanese magazine at some time in the past (see image below).
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