Artwork Details for Kiyoshi Nakajima "Misuzu Kaneko as painted by Kiyoshi Nakajima - A Look"

Kiyoshi Nakajima - Misuzu Kaneko as painted by Kiyoshi Nakajima - A Look - 中島潔が描く金子みすゞ」まなざし

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Misuzu Kaneko as painted by Kiyoshi Nakajima - A Look - 中島潔が描く金子みすゞ」まなざし
by Kiyoshi Nakajima - 中島潔

Artist:Kiyoshi Nakajima - 中島潔
Title:Misuzu Kaneko as painted by Kiyoshi Nakajima - A Look - 中島潔が描く金子みすゞ」まなざし
Publisher:Asahi Newspaper - 朝日新聞社主催
Medium:Book/Magazine - 本・雑誌
Format:N/A, 23.0 x 30.0cm
Condition:Very good.
Price: Sold
Artwork Code:10036-Nakajima_Kiyoshi
Notes:Language: Japanese
Size(cm): 23.0 x 30.0cm
Total Pages: 140 Pages.
Printed in Japan Publication date: 2002.

Regarding Misuzu Kaneko (from Wiki):
Misuzu Kaneko (金子 みすゞ Kaneko Misuzu?, April 11, 1903 – March 10, 1930) was a Japanese poet and songwriter. Born Teru Kaneko in Senzaki-mura, now part of Nagato, Yamaguchi prefecture, Senzaki was a fishing village, relying particularly on catches of Japanese sardine. Scenes of fishing and the sea often make appearances in her poems.

Kaneko's career as a writer of poetry for children began in earnest at the age of twenty, shortly after she became the manager and sole employee of a small bookstore in Shimonoseki, a town at the southern tip of Honshu. Here she discovered a clutch of magazines which were riding the crest of a boom in children's literature and which solicited stories and verse from their readers. Kaneko sent in a number of poems, five of which, among them "The Fishes", were accepted for publication in the September 1923 issue of four of these magazines. Over the next five years she published fifty-one more verses.

Her husband contracted a venereal disease from the pleasure quarters, and she divorced him. Her husband at first agreed to let her bring up their daughter on her own, but later changed his mind and attempted to gain custody of the child. In protest, she committed suicide, writing a letter to her husband before she did so, asking him to let her mother bring up the child, as she felt that she wasn't of proper mental capacity to do so. Kaneko has been compared to Christina Rossetti.

Five hundred and twelve verses written in Kaneko's own hand, in three notebooks, were brought to light in 1982 by Setsuo Yazaki, and the entire collection was published by JULA Publishing Bureau in a six-volume anthology.
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Artist Biography:
The bijin-ga artist Nakajima Kiyoshi (中島 潔) was born in Manchuria, China, in April 1943. He returned to Japan after the war and lived in Saga, Kyushu. Kiyoshi was deeply affected by his mother's death from cancer, and it is probably this experience that led him to draw his most famous woodblock prints of young ladies in a dreamy, melancholy mood, in harmony with the wind. He is also well-known throughout Japan as a painter and illustrator of children's books.
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