Artwork Details for Suzuki Sujaku (7.12.1891-4.5.1972) "Violent Attack Outside the Gate"

Suzuki Sujaku (7.12.1891-4.5.1972) - Violent Attack Outside the Gate - 門外激撃の図

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Violent Attack Outside the Gate - 門外激撃の図
by Suzuki Sujaku (7.12.1891-4.5.1972) - 鈴木朱雀

Artist:Suzuki Sujaku (7.12.1891-4.5.1972) - 鈴木朱雀
Title:Violent Attack Outside the Gate - 門外激撃の図 (1)
Series:30 Great Modern Loyalists
Publisher:Kinno Bunka Shinko-Kai - 勤皇文化振興會
Medium:Woodblock - 木版画
Format:Oban - 大判, 38.5 x 27cm (sheet size)
Condition:A few light creases and marks. A neat light horizontal fold line from the original block across the middle.
Price:$140 (EMS Express worldwide shipping: $30)
Artwork Code:10034-Suzuki_Sujaku
Notes:A rare series by multiple artists including the famous bijin-ga artist Kamoshita Choko.
(1) This artwork is either untitled or the title is unknown.
Artist Biography:
鈴木朱雀(すずき すじゃく、1891年12月7日 - 1972年5月4日)は、日本画家、挿絵画家。本名:幸太郎。弟は童画画家の鈴木寿雄。東京都出身。野田九甫に師事し、川端画学校で学ぶ。1920年第2回帝展に「吟鳥」が入選。1936年ベルリンオリンピックの芸術競技絵画種目に作品名「古典的競馬」を出品し銅メダルを獲得。
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